Cannabis Travel 101

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As cannabis law reform continues to sweep across the country,

travellers and hospitality professionals embracing the trends can now connect in a responsible and trustworthy forum.

The million-dollar question: Can I legally consume cannabis in my hotel room or private property booked through Gravil?

Cannabis laws are regulated and enforced at the state level, so it is up to individual states to determine official policy regarding consumption. States forbid open consumption in public, yet most states allow hotels and private rental properties to determine whether to allow guests to consume cannabis on premises.
Gravil strives to provide access to current and responsible information regarding state-by-state policy. However, we urge all travelers to ensure that all of their activities are consistent with the laws within the area they are traveling to.
Please keep in mind that a hotel or private rental property acknowledging legal cannabis and choosing to list on Gravil does not directly translate to freely allowing onsite consumption. Please reference each listing’s individual policy and rules.

Please be considerate! The act of one person allowing another into their home is one of the greatest gestures of kindness an individual can bestow. Please be respectful of the hotel and/or private rental property in addition to other guests’ personal freedoms and privacy.

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